Your life is defined by the gap between what happens to you and your reaction to it.

A master storyteller, Dominique is known for bringing heart and humor to even the toughest of topics. Dom is passionate about delivering a “sticky and interactive” experience that grabs the attention of the audience immediately and engages them to not just talk about their Grai Area but to embrace it.

She uses her personal experiences and formal studies to connect with audiences on a range of topics.

Having developed a background in philanthropic outreach, community engagement, event planning and public relations, she has entertained audiences from a broad range of industries.

Youth/ Collegiate Engagements

Her practical, no-nonsense advice and life strategies provide tangible results and skills that will help young adults push through challenges they commonly face in life, school, work, and love.

Corporate/ Professional Engagements

Dom partners with you to create customized training, workshop-style event openings or closings that ENERGIZE and engage each audience member to ignite change and lasting transformation – personally and professionally.

Social/ Community Engagements

She has an authenticity and conviction on stage that stirs people’s hearts and inspires and rallies those around to be a stronger community.

Dominique was warm, funny, engaging, and inspiring. Her presentation was customized and truly connected with our audience. Her actionable advice wrapped in humor and sarcasm was well received and impactful.

Toya Newell

Let’s make something beautiful together.