I’m a silly southern belle slickster. Down-to-earth diva. Luxury for less guru. Inspirational quote queen and admirer of all that behold a beauty the eye cannot see.

But most people just call me Dom.

Domo Birthday Session

I am almost 30, not married and although I’ve been voted “God-Mother of the Year” 11 times in a row, I have no off-spring of my own.

Before we got down the road toward being blog-besties, I needed to make it clear that I am no expert on pain-free breast feeding, at home childbirths or anything that has to do with your typical mommy blog.

This is a safe space, for women to be reminded that you are a DIVA-  needing neither spouse nor child to complete you!

Now don’t get me wrong. Wives and mothers are more than welcome.

If its in HIS will-  I’ll be pulling organic wipes out of the Gucci diaper bag my future husband advised me against at some point in my life.

But in the meantime, I would hope that this space can serve as a 24 hour virtual Ladies Night Out. A break from your daily Wonder Woman routine of focusing on everything and everyone else except for yourself!

I would hope that through sharing my sassy yet authentic perspective, we can create a strong, meaningful & divalicious community of boss babes.

If you’ve read this far you’re either one of my super supportive homegirls (hey boo) or the newest member of our community.

Either way…

WELCOME to my 24/7 Ladies Night- where you can find inspiration, tips and resources on hosting & celebration planning, inner & outer beauty, business, and lifestyle.


With Love & Charity, 

Your Favorite Bougie Black Friend

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Henry says:

    This is so amazing! Best of wishes! I’ll definitely be tuning in to the Grai Area 😄!


  2. david jones says:

    Good luck . Wonder stories capturing your experience.


    1. The Grai Area says:

      Thank you! Please feel free to follow my blog to be update on when a new story is posted 🙂


  3. Marcy Bodiford says:

    To my beautiful niece, i new that you would make the most out of this life that you were given. You have always been an over achiever from the day you were born you were so adorable with those big mesmerizing eyes, curly hair and fat cheeks…You inspire others to do great things and you will always be blessed for that. I will always be on the side line cheering for you even when you don’t see me, because i wish only the best for you. The excitement in your voice, and your big heart will leave an impression on anyone who is lucky enough to be in your presence i look forward to watching you spread little pieces of Domo cheer all around the world. The sky is the limit! Love you always! Auntie, Marcy


  4. Selena Lloyd says:



  5. Shakyra says:

    You are an AMAZING women Dominique, you continue to inspire me. I love you Always, Kyra.


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