So what’s this Grai Area thing about anyways? Good question!

My mission with this blog (and my over all braAmMgUYt5i2V-VZL_wR2j5njRXU07BQdZh8I4kjxiqJknd) is to inspire others to embrace the time period of our lives in which we are in discovery mode. Discovering education, discovering the work force, discovering our passion, discovering the world, and of course discovering ourselves. My blog community is for people of all ages and all races- a place that will ease your mind about not always having it together but also inspire you to chase your wildest dream.  In the Grai Area, we encourage you to embrace the process leading up to your success. To learn from your mistakes and to never stop pushing. “Its not about the destination but the journey.”

This is my Grai Area. What’s yours?

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  1. Zorn Maureen says:

    I must initially say that I admire this blog’s overall mission, content, and gracious simplicity. It is wonderful to see a blog so supportive of dreams, visions, and goals! This blog, I believe, will serve a grand purpose, a purpose to the the effect of leaving the indelible mark of influence and motivation. Please, Dom, continue with your endeavors and strive to, as you have so emphatically and confidently aforementioned, strive to chase your wildest dreams. It isn’t always easy, but you will manage successfully. As I have witnessed you publicly speak on FAMU’s campus, I observed a woman gracious and rightfully elegant in fashion, mannerism, intelligence, confidence, and stride. You will go on to accomplish a wonderful, God-ordained destiny! May you always strive to stay focused, determined, and ever-planted in the soil of God’s garden, which is abundant with dandelions that pour out grace from their petals, with tress that yield the fruit of his eternal goodness, with soil that is fertile with his life, and with the grass that speaks his wisdom into spiritual atmospheres. God bless you!

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    1. The Grai Area says:

      This has been one of my best comments yet. Thank you so much for reading and supporting this vision. If you have any suggestions or comments as to how I can be and do better please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you again and may God guide our footsteps to cross paths soon.


  2. Gladys O. Murray says:

    Love it ❤️


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