5 Love Languages of Valentine’s Day

If your partner’s love language is Acts of Service or Quality Time: 
Order the flowers to be sent directly to your partner’s workplace or home while you’re not around. Inside, there can be a card with an invitation to date night that you planned with the location, time, and a sweet one-liner about how you can’t wait to see him or her. Even if the date night is a simple dinner at home, you can take care of any household chores beforehand to ensure you have quality time without distractions.

If your partner’s love language is Words of Affirmation or Receiving Gifts:
Does your partner love words of affirmation? Order the flowers a few days in advance, and have a local calligrapher write a love note directly on the vase. Make sure to choose a bouquet that best reflects their likes and personality (vs just ordering any bouquet that you personally like the looks of). 

If your partner’s love language is Physical Touch:
Plan a charcuterie board and wine picnic (outside or even in your living room) with lots of cuddling. Your floral arrangement can be the centerpiece of the sweet set up. You could even do a blind taste-testing, where your partner feeds you snacks from the grazing board to allow you to get even closer!

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