Things I Know Now

As I was living in Spain for almost 2 months I took a moment to sit back and concentrate on the life lessons that experience had given me. In no particular order I have listed these lessons below. Now I am no guru, or expert on life, but I thought it important to share these words of wisdom just as life has shared them with me. I pray that you enjoy reading them just as much as I enjoyed learning them and as always thank you for tuning in to my Grai Area.

Gain. Give. Grow.

Domo Grai

  1. Don’t just talk about old friends when you are with new friends. It may create immediate distance.
  2. A letter is always better than a text message. Even if it’s just a note slid under the door.
  3. If you’ve made your point, stop talking.
  4. Give credit. Take blame.
  5. Sometimes, you just have to suck it up! Life will move on, so should you.
  6. Never be the last one in the pool.
  7. Be kind and speak to everyone (the bus driver, the metro man, even that weird lady next door)
  8. If you have the right of way TAKE IT.
  9. Know at least one good joke. It makes for a great save in awkward conversations.
  10. Invest in a great luggage set; you’ll thank yourself later.
  11. It is ok to go to the movies by yourself.
  12. Don’t ever forget to pack your passport. (I learned this the hard way)
  13. Be patient with airport security. They are just doing their job.
  14. You may not always be the smartest or the strongest, but you can always be the kindest or the toughest.
  15. Somewhere in the world you are a foreigner; be mindful of that when dealing with foreigners.
  16. If there is anything you ever want to do but it is not the popular consensus, don’t be afraid to do it anyways. (Thanks Austin)
  17. You’re never too old to need your mom. Never!
  18. Your dance moves may not be the best, but I promise it is better to make a fool of yourself than to sit back and watch everyone else do so.
  19. But with the right friends, sitting back and watching everyone else do it can be fun too.
  20. Common sense. Isn’t that common.
  21. Just because it is common sense to you, doesn’t mean its common to everyone.
  22. Don’t knock it till you try it.
  23. If you have a question, ask it. Chances are someone is just as clueless as you are.
  24. Biking is not just a childhood pastime. (Despite my battle wounds, I’ve actually become a fan)
  25. If a street performer makes you stop walking, you owe them a buck.
  26. If you are staying more than one night, unpack.
  27. While on a bus, expect the seat in front of you to recline. Plan accordingly.
  28. I know it’s a cliché, but people will always remember how you make them feel.
  29. At some point, we all become lonely and we all deal with it differently. Recognize it in your own life and be empathetic to it in others.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Marcy Bodiford says:

    Love It! Really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for the tips learned something new :-)!


    1. Dominique says:

      Thank you auntie. I hope I can make it there on the 24th.


  2. C Williams says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    This couldn’t have come at a better time.


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