Hey Girl Hey


“Hey Girl Hey”

In a room full of voices, people chattering, music going, noise just blasting– I heard her.

“I said ‘Hey Girl Hey'”

You can imagine my dismay. You see I’m not in Kansas anymore. And although I click my Ruby Woo Red pumps together all I’m left with is some scuffed up heels and a yellow brick road composed of tortillas and sangria, so I couldn’t possibly believe that someone-anyone in Spain was talking to me.

But sure enough….. I ran into an old friend the other day.

Who would have thought that I, being thousands of miles away from home, could run into anybody that I know. But there she was. My good ole girl! My eyes lit up like it was the fourth of July for it had been a while and in the midst of unfamiliar territory it felt good to be embraced by someone that I know/ that knows me.

You see I ran into an old friend the other day and her name is Dance. And she screamed from the top of the stage,

“Hey Girl Hey.”

As if to say,

“Hey, don’t you recognize me!”

As I sat back and reflected on the nearly 2 weeks that I’ve been living here, it hit me that I’ve been living here, but I have been dead this entire time. I’ve been so busy focusing on all the differences that the similarities are looking right at me and I didn’t even notice it.

But honey Dance is Dance. And regardless of if she is as flexible as Mahogany, has the personality of Torque, is as elite as the F.E.D.S., or if she is as beautiful as a Diamond she was, is and will always be JUST DANCE. She may have acquired a few nicknames throughout the years but at the end of the day, no matter who’s stage she is on, what costume she wears or even what country she is from, Dance is a universal language.

Its sad that it took me 2 weeks, a face full of tattooed invisible tears, and running into her to see the bigger picture, but its not always about the destination but the journey. So as I continue my journey I am elated to have ran into an old friend, but I am even happier to embrace the new ones I will encounter along the way.





Gain ❤ Give ❤ Grow ❤

-Domo Grai

One Comment Add yours

  1. Hailey Gascoigne says:

    Love hey girl hey dance is a beautiful art I love how you incorporate Famu with your experiences in Spain


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