Running through the 6 with The Bulls (Pamplona, Spain)


This weekend I went to Pamplona, Spain to the “Running of the Bulls”!

Every year from the 6th to the 14th of July this outrageously draining event is known for its massive gathering of people dressed in all white and red, ready to party non-stopped. (And I literally mean NONSTOPPED). Not like a usual party town where they say its nonstop but at some point during the day people go home, eat, bathe and sleep.


People actually stay out in the streets for days not sleeping, barely eating and for many not showering!

After a 6 a.m., city wide wake up call to initiate a new day of drinking, the actual Running Of the Bulls happens every morning at 8 a.m. Although the running only last a few minutes people come from around the world to run along side the bulls and experiencing a rush of a lifetime. This was by far the dirtiest environment I have ever been in, but it was definitely a fun weekend and something to check off of my bucket list.



IMG_8623 IMG_8626 IMG_8646

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