This week in Madrid



Allow me preface by saying that I have been receiving an abundance of support and feedback from my readers and I encourage you to keep it coming. If there is anything you want to know/read about feel free to leave a comment. Thank you all for your prayers, safety wishes, text messages, videos, Skype calls, and just your support in general. I hope I deliver whatever message you came here to receive.

So people have been swarming me with specific questions, wanting more details and visuals of my experience in Spain. I have decided to make a weekly post composed of my recent life and learnings. I hope you enjoy and continue to meet me here in The Grai Area.


The highlight of my week was going to see Flamenco. It is a style of dance that uses little to no music, simply hand claps and foot stumps. It was exhilarating! I guess I could compare it to tap dancing but with the vivacity of Beyonce mixed with the exuberance of the Energizer Bunny. Check out the video above.

34497-libreria_gaztambide_noCalle Gaztambide is the street that I live on. I have 2 immediate housemates in a 4 bedroom 1 bathroom flat. We are connected to a 5 bedroom 2 bathroom flat that houses some of our males. Directly below us is a similar apartment with more of my crazy cool program-mates. We all have kitchens and washing machines but no dryers (so we hang our clothes to dry). Oh yea…. and NO A/C. (I have not gotten over that yet)

20514_1 The feel here is very similar to an up north New York vibe without the rats 🙂 It is not nearly as congested but still very urban and we use public transportation as a main mean to commute.

starbucks_coffee_png_by_natyjonasproductions-d4kofb1 02cbb05db101527c8c21db84cb48c9e6Dunkin-Donuts-Logo-Wallpaper-8

Coffee is extremely popular. It is common for all the employees in an office to go to a Cafe and take a random coffee break. Although the delicious flavors offered by Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts are frequently found, the natives seem to enjoy their coffee in short, stout cups with minimum cream and no sugar.

Light_Switch-1 light_switch

This is a standard European light switch on the izquierda (left in Spanish). Notice the difference in size and shape compared to a standard switch in America on the derecha (right in Spanish).

ariel_platinum_toilet_tb351_1__87223 toilet_urinal_parts

This a standard European and American toilet. In Spain the flush is on top versus being on the side.

tortillaThis is a common dish here called a Tortilla or “Spanish Omelet” in English. As you can see it is not like the Tortillas we eat in America. It is made of cooked eggs and potatoes. Tortilla literally means “Little Cake” so in Spain it is layers of potato slices then egg like cake layers.

On every corner and in every restaurant you can find someone drinking a Coke. They drink it all day in all settings.



This is my favorite brand of water here.
I don’t drink tap (ok I may be a tad bit boujie) so a good chunk of my coins go to bottled water.


If you do not learn anything else about Madrid from my blog, please understand that IT IS HOT. Not like a normal hot. Like a “Lets all just bath in Ice” type of hot, so ice cream is served at most restaurant, corner stores, markets- basically every couple of steps you can find ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato.

life_in_madridMadrid isn’t just heating up because of the sun. The natives here seem to let off a lot of steam wherever they go. There are people making out in streets, in the stores, in the club. People here see no problem with publicly exchanging mountains of saliva.


This an Empanada. It is a baked or fried pasty stuffed with a variety of meats, cheeses, and vegetables. It can be found in hispanic restaurants in the U.S. so you should definetly try it.

I know that was a lot to take in all at once but hopefully this allowed you to live this experience along with me.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. My Tien Doan says:

    So happy and proud of you bestie. Lovin’ reading about your experience. I hope you make the very best out of it!


    1. The Grai Area says:

      I soooooo wish you were here. It would make my experience 108 times better. Love you ❤


  2. Darrell Olds says:

    Girl check you out! Seeing the world and such! I see you’re doing wonderful! I note you mentioned it’s freakingly rediculously HOT. So intake water! But the best water is Aqua con gas! If they serve that please please try that. You’re whole world will change. Much love from the “O” (& no not Orlando lol)


    1. The Grai Area says:

      Hey Olds ❤
      I will have to try that brand of water I don't believe that I have come across it yet. I hope all is well on your end love.


  3. Standin Rosen says:

    I am enjoying the blog very much, gracias!

    10 drinks


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