Life is like a Box of Chocolate

I’ve been completely and utterly in awe since the moment I hopped off of my 12 hour flight and stepped foot on to Spanish soil. The question “So what’s it like in Spain,” is one that seems to be playing on repeat with my answer following suit.



Being raised in Florida, I am no stranger to the sun but the heat in Madrid is equivalent to climbing inside of my oven on Thanksgiving Day along side the turkey. Once I began to get over my fear of walking outside and melting, I took out my map of the city and let the exploration begin. This is my first time out of the U.S. and everything here is different to say the least- some things for the good and some for the bad. The beautiful and  original architecture of this area is definitely a great asset to Madrid, but on the negative side, these older buildings do not usually offer air conditioning. Can you imagine it being over 100 degrees outside then walking into your house to dwell in even more heat. Through the good and the bad this experience will be overflowing with adventure.

My life here is truly a box of chocolate covered trial and error, with my spanish speaking abilities being the most of my errors. The culture, the dialect, even the toilets flush differently in Madrid and I find it to be very eye-opening.  Everyday I wake up excited- eager to embrace which ever piece of chocolate I consume for  that day.  Although I never know if today will be caramel filled or mixed with pecans, “My momma always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’ “

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  1. Fave RDK) says:

    Domo, this is an amazing project & I salute you for doing it. Your blog is very eloquently & poetically sound. It’s almost like reading smooth jazz. The way you describe it makes it almost seem like I’m living vicariously through you abroad. I just want to say keep it up, & as the figurehead that you STILL are in being Miss FAMU you are opening a door for students who have not been exposed to such, not only that but you spark an interest that may have never been there. Coming from an HBCU you definitely should use this as an opportunity to get more of our students studying abroad. There’s a whole world out there, & if you want the competitive edge you need to start early with things like this. You should def link up with some more students & do a seminar when you get back about your experience & all that it entails. Much love to you! #InU&I


    1. The Grai Area says:

      You can’t imagine just how excited I am to receive my very first comment. lol Thank you for always supporting in all of my new adventures. Being in another country is truly something everyone should experience. I’ve been here less than a week and I am just overwhelmed with new knowledge. We are so sheltered in the U.S. and especially at an HBCU. I pray that I can share my story and encourage our students to embrace a new way of life. #InU&I


  2. Nicolei says:

    Super proud of you for taking that leap of faith it is such A humbling experience to go to different countries and change your whole way of thinking to actually enjoy the time that you’re spending there. Make the most of the opportunity and keep us updated love the blog girl .


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